Dennis Ogeke is a professional teacher and an IT expert who believes in the art of visual organization of data. He is a graduate from Mount Kenya University and focused much in mathematics and IT while studying there. Currently (2022) he is on with his Master of Science  Degree in  Computer Science At Chuka University.

Mr.Ogeke has been an excellent teacher who utilizes his IT skills to teach mathematics and Computer Studies hence impacting the Endarasha Boys fraternity with good performance. He has been working towards his dream of becoming the best Teacher always by giving good guidance and becoming a role model to many.

During his teaching career Mr.Ogeke has guided many students In Kenya Science and Engineering Fare who have emerged the best with varied and fascinating projects. At the same time as a Drama and Music Patron, Mr. Ogeke has led teams of students to perform in various competitions in Kenya up to the National levels.

Ogeke currently lives in Nyeri county- Kenya. Teaching mathematics and Computer Studies at Endarasha boys High school.